Document Management

For more than 35 years, WORLDWIDE has
been assisting firms in preparing case Documents/Exhibits during the Discovery Phase and in Trial with Document/Exhibit

A few of the ways we can assist with your cases include:

Document Scanning
All of WORLDWIDE’s Exhibits/Documents are converted into convenient electronic files, such as TIF or PDF images. All Exhibits/Documents are OCR’d (Optical Character Recognition) giving you the ability to read and extract the words within the documents or exhibits. After the scanning process, our Image Technicians will review each image to verify the image quality, correct rotation setting, and page naming.

Document Coding
Right from the FIRST DEPOSITION, let Worldwide build a robust on-line discovery database with coding services to catalog your scanned case documents. Worldwide will provide the litigation parties “login” access codes for remote viewing and printing and will update the on-line Database Sharefile after each deposition.

In addition, our coded documents can be imported into other litigation database software, enabling fast, efficient review by your litigation team. We will test load your data into a database to ensure accuracy and program compatibility, before delivering the final coded project on CD, DVD or any digital storage media you request.

High Volume Printing
Do you need additional hard copies of your exhibits? Choose Worldwide Litigation Group as your Team for your solution. Our experienced and dedicated team will work around the clock to ensure that each “print” is done correctly, ensuring quality and replication and completed prior to your deadline.

  • Bates Numbering
  • Trial and Witness Notebooks
  • Image Branding
  • and more…

Database & Exhibit Preparation
Making sure your databases and exhibits are created and maintained properly from the
beginning will save you time and effort as you get closer to trial.

Worldwide Litigation Group has seasoned Trial Support Staff that can work with you and your team to create and maintain your databases and exhibits prior to litigation even commencing. From the very beginning of discovery through each day of trial, WORLDWIDE can assist with database construction whether customized or existing database platforms utilized during previous complex cases around the world.

Not sure where to start with your case data? Call WORLDWIDE at 800-745-1101 or email: [email protected] .

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